Blue Tulip

Bon Iver

They're waiting to hate you
So give them an excuse
They say that it changed you
But I know that can't be true

When I came in the entrance the make-up girl went through
I had to wait for ages, I waited there for you

Hats off to my distant hope
I'm held back by a velvet rope
He is behind us, the wall
The smoke machine has made between us
And if he does exist
If camera clicking, green room guests swirl
Around the man whose real and can be touched
Then I will do just that much

(Hats off, my distant hope) x3
A ray of light, a puff of smoke
(Hats off, my distant hope)
My street tonight is so laughable
(Hats off, my distant hope)
You'll be there and you'll see us
(Hats off, my distant hope)
I've got my ear against the screen
(Hats off, my distant hope)
I feel your feelings
(Hats off, my distant hope)
Crackling to nearly every inch of me
(Hats off, my distant hope)
I'm going to make you mean it
With every single cell of me
I'm going to make you mean the words you sigh
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