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U (Man Like)

Bon Iver

I will see you off now
Down the back of the ridge
There's just something that I got to show you
There is domer and there's rot
And the common case
It ain't nothing what you say is true

With your long arms try
And just give some time
Presently it does include my dues
Ain't your standard premonitions
All this phallic repetition
Boy you tell yourself a tale or two
Man like you, man like you

Well I know that we set off for a common place
And the lines have run too deep
How much caring is there of some American love
When there's lovers sleeping in your streets

So Cerberus ride!
Bring those dead alive
Like Pirate Jenny on the Black Freighter
It'll be a long day of fixing
Make something else yo mission
Boy why this shit so hard to cue?
Man like you
How you do?
How you do?
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