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Haven, Mass CDQ

Bon Iver

Cobbled to you trail
Bevel thru the speech
In the harbors I was... Hanging on (with drum)

Cradled wrought and weak
Hardly aching for your drum
I'll be able when your air born

Peddle all the marble
Tellem all be missing me
Fought from a halter
I am back from baltic (now) its been raining
Are haven, dear

Pound in north face eyes
Center's sable
Just like cinders in a prairie fire

Pave in the broad
Charring up the tall trees mawed'em
Well its maple for their deputy

Got another novel
And id wash down ravines
You're main in

How that you have altered
Sure is to some fine degree
Its not careening
I am habing
Are haven, dear
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