Bon Iver

Well it's all just scared of dying
But isn't this a beach?
And if I know one thing at all
Is I cannot just be a peach
Oh, you come in all woke now
So, please enjoy the feast
We are weightless like a wayless beast
So what is it we don't teach?

When we were children we were hell bent
Or oblivious at least
But now it comes to mind, we are terrified
So we run and hide for a verified little peace
So what of this release?
Sunlight feels good now, don't it?

I don't have a leaving plan
But something's gotta ease your mind
But it's all fine or it's all crime anyway
There were six of us sitting creekside
Sifting fistfuls through the green
Every which way could be seen
Was the sand and time, not a pantomime

More like anodyne
Was a friend of mine you'd've known, you'd've known
I could prophet
I could rob I however
Everywhere isn't everywhere
This not a veil or a fairytale in the least
(So what of this release?)
So what of this release?

Some life feels good now, don't it?
Don't have to have a leaving plan
Nothing's gonna ease your mind
Well it's all fine and we're all fine anyway
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