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Life On The Balcony

City Boy

Tell me please, is there life out on the balcony?
Do we still hear noises in the dark, striking sparks and fires
Tell me dear, how many ghosts you hide in here
I hear voices on the telephone, when there's no-one home
Just me
Life on the balcony
Are you sure, no-one stands behind the bedroom door?
Hands around the curtain cord, waiting for the light

I could swear, I heard someone walking down the stairs
He was calling out your name, dream again, I guess
Will you let me out of here, I feel so alone
You treat me like a prisoner, turn my heart to stone
Statues in the living room, paintings in the hall
Lovers on the balcony, waiting in the cold

Life on the balcony
I can see you hold others here as well as me
Wrapped in chains and jealousy, set them free
Now I'm sure I don't want to live here anymore
Collecting dust an battle scars
Taken for your fool
Will you let me out of here
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