The Man Who Ate His Car

City Boy

Desperate dan was a solitary man, a loner
He had a girl but I guess he'd just outgrown her
It's hard to dig but he made his big decision
Became the man who ate his car - collision!!
They spread the news to every local station
Come see the guy who swallows cars, - sensation!!

They said he couldn't digest it, but he just went ahead
And undressed it
Mechanic in a panic, oh what a state.
He ate his meal full of steel from a plate.
Munched his way into a million hearts as he ate the tyres
And the spare parts.
Some guys do anything to be seen, on the screen

What a dream, it's obscene.
Now it's clear that his career took a wrong turn,
The golden gate on a dinner date,
Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn
He's left the earth in a multi-berth apollo
Venus and mars, the rest of the stars to swallow.
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