Summer In The School Yard

City Boy

In the summer of '63, it was so damn
Hot you could hardly breathe.
Kicking dust in the mission square
Trace of perfume in the air.
Whatever happened to the calendar
Girl with the beautiful teeth? Does
She dream of me when she's sound asleep?
When everybody sang 'yeah, yeah, yeah'

That summer in the schoolyard
It was oh so hot.
That summer in the schoolyard
Everybody sang 'yeah yeah yeah'
She was klarilyn, tuesday weld
We were just thirteen but what the hell?
Let me tell you how a young boy feels

When he hears the clickin'of a girls hi-heels
She wore a pin for a college
Boy, life's cruel to me
She couldn't care for the kid with the dirty knees
When everybody sang 'yeah, ye
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