The World Loves A Dancer

City Boy

Applying her make-up and wanting to wake up,
She slips into something tight.
With rouge on her ace, lipstick in place
She dresses to ace the light:
Humming a tune and leaving her room
She's ready to brave the night

The world loves a dancer, moving in time
The world loves a dancer, the moon in her eyes.
The world loves a dancer, step into the light.
Through living with losers the tools and the boozers
Are sleeping outside her door
They're all marion brandos with novelty tangos

Who polish their shoes on the floor
With lavender lovers who laugh undercovers
And dance when the crowd calls more
Just for a moment, caught up in romance,
She silently takes the floor
She's dancing a slow one, partnering no-one
And answering all the applause
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