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Avmaktslave (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

Slave Of Impotency

The stench from the mysterious way, [refers to "God works in mysterious ways" or something]
Where preach and false hopes are bait.
Pierces through like a gift of bitterness,
And fertilizes the human rot.

Like a slave in the state of impotency,
"Advices" nothing but confession of defeat.

You are not worthy the gift of life.
You are not worthy the gift of life.

Because if the sign of the animal and the idol is ignored,
Great punishment will "eventually come to the guilty."

This pious pact`s harmful inbreed,
Seeks shelter in the garden of Eden.
Where a proud, pure and upright master
Is not as easily pleased.

So when the thunder of armageddon finally roars,
Can man`s "fantasy image be shown".
Every man with god-fearing hunger,
Will lose face and be devoured.
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