Gud's Fortapelse - Åpenbaring Av Dommedag (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

Devoted are we
To the emperor of the dark
The power of the almighty
(Which)leads our minds
Into battle
Against the good and their lies

Though the enemy's army is poor
It is big
But we shall take them all
Gather them up
One by one

The hope they saw in God
Shall I disappear in an ocean of thorns
The thorns their fake messiah
Once felt nailed to his skull

Heaven shall be torn
And a fucking thunder
Shall boulder and roar
His powers will go weak
Where the front of dark
Conquer the plague of light

Eyes will run in sorrow
when they realize (that) their god
No longer can help
The hope they found in God
Is gone and so it shall be forever

Now they follow their fake salvator
Who still carries a crown of thorns
But king he never became
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