Vinder Fra En Ensom Grav (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

A proud knight returns home
From heaven to heaven on a self-made bridge
From the endless battle against the pries of light
And now he shall rest

See into the inner of the mountain breeze
Where its life has sought shelter for a sun
which in end will go dark with the eternal night
And prevent our world from blooming and growing

See the satire of the eye
Where remains of good is chased away
And is blown away in an open grave
Until the last light has been put out

With powerful blows to human's heads
The knight rejoice in a dark mist
High as the sky, wandering over his own star
Glaring at a world covered with ice

Over innumerable fallen man
Who sowed the growing seed of life
He wanders away from the last war
The might prince, the bloody thorn
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