Stien (translation)

Dimmu Borgir

Forgotten times on Jotuns path
There over high cliffs and mountains
Has marked it with dust and ashes

From when Alders' herds wandered these grounds
Here Gandviks Cave trolls stamped forth
In an evil and large goblin-herd
Where rangers found a big wisdom

About the lands forest-life and dark sides
Here on the path who creeps eternally forth
Between banks where they difficult still

Can be seen in the horizon
So great it must have been
To look out over all this

And to wander so alone and free
An autumn evening in cold and light mist
Like many before me have experienced
And many before me have appreciated

But memories are forgotten as time passes by
And little is here that once were
Here like elsewhere leaves have wizened
But fallen down on a collapsed earth
Where dreams and lives have passed away

But maybe between a rock
Or behind an old buch
Sits still
And waiting
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