I've Been Tortured
By Facts and Memories
I Lost All I Had

I Know There's no Fate
I Don't Believe in Love
I'm Not Worried

I Don't Need Anyone
To Chase For Living
I Don't Need no Money
To Survive
I'm All Alone

The Pain I Feel Now
Was Acumulated
Along the Years

And Now It Hurts Me
Like Thousand Needles
In My Skin

I Need no Advice
'cause I Know They Are
Cause Without Effect
I'm All Alone Now
But I'm Alive

My Blood Has no Taste
This Means I Have no Fate
Life Thought Me How to Fight
And Now I Know I Have a Light

A Way to Go
A Life to Know
A Soul to Show
Someone to Follow

Until My Life Shuts Down
And Darkness Fills My Veins
I'll Be Alive

If I'm Alive
Wouldn't I Have a Goal
To Reach

But I'va Walked This Land
And Was Unable to Find
This Enchanted Place

I Will Continue Walking
Won't Give Up From Searching
Won't Die While I'm Alive

Alive I Am

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