A Baby Is Born With An Unknown Disease
He Only Has Time For a Dream
A Woman Cries in the Distance, Lonely
She Was Left in Misery

An Innocent Boy Is Hit By His Drunk Dad
He Couldn't Even Explain
Adam Left Eve Without Looking Back
Wouldn't Face the Snake

Romeo's Blood Is All Over the Place
Don Juan Was Slapped in the Face
This World Now Ain't What It Used to Be

No Longer You Can Buy Your Destiny
What You Want Ain't All You Can Get
Just Hide in the Shadows
Where You Think It's Safe
But Beware... I'm Already There

You're Not Gone But I Already Miss You
Just Sit and Watch You Walk Through That Door
Thinking How It Would Be Nice to See You
Come Back Asking For More

Every Morning You Go Out For a Walk
But Never Know Where You Have to Go
Every Night You're Afraid to Fall Asleep
With the Same Nightmares You Always Have

William Tell Just Missed the Apple
D'artagnan Was Betrayed
Every Hero Has His Time to Die

Repeat Chorus

Sindbad Just Got Lost in the Sea
In the Same Day Hercules Was Killed
Only a Few Dreams Can Last Forever

Aladdin Threw Away His Lamp
Sherlock Holmes Got Lost in the Swamp
Sometimes What You Think Ain't Right

Repeat Chorus

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