My Flowers Are Still in Your Wastebasket

Fallen Angels

Silent, Dark Night
The Storm Had Just Passed By
Things Have Settled Down Again

After a Long Fight
The Smoke Slowly Clears
But Clouds Still Drop the Rain

This House Now Is Empty
'cause You Took What I Didn't Give You
And I Was Pleased to See You Smiling
Even If We Reached the End

Sunny Morning
For a Chaothic Day
Compassion Fades Away

Now You Know
I Don't Want You to Go
But I Don't Want You to Stay

I Can't Say I Love You
'cause I'm Not Sure I Hate You
But I Know I Don't Wanna See Your Face
At Least Not Now

Lonely Walking
Down Your Street
Right to Your Door
I Knocked Two, Three, Or Four Times

In Silence Thinking
While You Spoke
I Guess That I Was Dreaming
'cause I Thought I Heard You Say You're Sorry

But My Flowers Are Still in Your Wastebasket...

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