All You Need Is Love

Frank Mccomb

They only see your shell, they could never tell how you
really feel inside.

The happy lady they see they expect you to always be
but from them the truth you hide.

Your smile is just a stain sitting on top of your
pain, you need to rise above.

My mama taught me ladies deserve respect and nothing

All you need is love.


Someone to take time from their day and spend it with

One who will show that he is willing to go

To the extreme to give you love.

Verse 2

I see the hurt within girl you don't need friends if
that's what you say they are.

A real friend indeed would be there in your time of
need to fill your empty heart

with joy to replace the pain.(Replace the pain-you'll
have a happy heart again)

Too much affection is never enough when you're in need
of love

Att: Diego Abner B. Araujo (souldeedee)
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