Gotta Find A Way

Frank Mccomb

Each night before I lay down I pray that tomorrow will
be the day

I get enough mental strength to speak and let her know
all about me.

Then I drift off to sleep and I begin to dream

but never a nightmare 'cause she's the only one there.


Gotta find a way to her heart.

Do the best I can to impress this girl.

Find my way to her heart

'cause I really love her.

Then morning comes and I awake. My first breath of the
day I take.

My vision is still a blur but my first thought is only

Then to the shower I run to face my mirror.

It's not my face I see but the face I see is hers.

So I&ldots;



Searching for the right words to say to her.

Got to get my act together.

Searchin' for the words today, gotta find my way...
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