Future Love

Frank Mccomb

Looking in the mirror of my past viewing how things
used to be.

Lonely is the word to best describe what I see.

Sadness, stress and salty tears covered every part of
my face

until our love had fallen into place.

It's amazing though that I had to go through

to become mature enough to know

that love didn't love me.

Looking in the mirror thinkin' 'bout my future
wondering what it's gonna bring.

Will it be happy or sad for me?

If I could control what's to come I would add to my
future a love

So faithful&ldots;unconditional.

She'll be my only love.

And finally happiness would be headed toward me

but presently I'll deal with my reality.


The present is the only thing I know

and to my future love is where I'm trying to go.

It's amazing to know that I've gotta still go through
some things to grow

to learn to love the one that's gonna love me...
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