I'd Be A Fool

Frank Mccomb

All my problems ended to day 'cause your love came and
chased them away.

I'm so glad that you entered my life. I'd be a fool
not to make you my wife.

Verse 1

Time and again I kept myself from getting too close to
women that I did not know.

I gave my heart one time too many and she ran. Since
that day I haven't seen her again.

Gullible yes I was, and truly I'm not one to put up a

What they did see as weaknesses in me you called them
my strengths.

I believe I found love again.


Blessed is the man who finds love before it's too late
unless the opposite is his fate.

You must believe I am a diamond in the rough because
you tell me everything I am is enough.

Now, I don't have a degree in perfection.

I don't need a gun 'cause God is my protection.

And it's good to see that you don't find this as a
weakness in me but as my strength.

I think I found love over again.



Ain't nothin' like havin' someone to love you like you

To treat you like you are a star.

Love's the key if you seek to be happy.
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