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    Girl Thing - Sister Love

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    Girl Thing - Girl Thing

  3. 3

    Girl Thing - Don't Look Down

  4. 4

    Girl Thing - From All of Us

  5. 5

    Girl Thing - Girls On Top

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    Girl Thing - If That's What It Takes

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    Girl Thing - Last Goodbye

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    Girl Thing - Last One Standing

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    Girl Thing - Pure and Simple

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    Girl Thing - Shhh

  11. 11

    Girl Thing - Sometimes You Hit, Sometimes You Miss

  12. 12

    Girl Thing - Wake Up

  13. 13

    Girl Thing - We've Come To Mambo

  14. 14

    Girl Thing - You Can Run But You Can't Hide

  15. 15

    Girl Thing - Young, Free And Happy

From All of Us

Girl Thing

There's somebody coming
There's somebody coming

Have you ever had a friend
That never let you down
Right by your side every night and day
Always hear you when you're calling
Catch you when you're falling
There's somebody coming your way

With this song
Now I know
There is a love for everyone
And I go on
Praying for what I want

Someone who cares, from all of us
Someone who gives, to all of you
Whenever you think that you're the only
One that's feeling lonely
There's somebody coming to you (x2)
That's true

Verse 2
Have you ever had a dream of a fantasy
Do you believe that love will come your way
Always there to see you smiling
Share the pain of crying
There's somebody coming today

Bridge & Chorus

So if you hear me now
I'll never ask again
Please, send me a friend
Someone who cares
Someone who gives
If you believe in you and me

Chorus Fade

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