1. 1

    Girl Thing - Sister Love

  2. 2

    Girl Thing - Girl Thing

  3. 3

    Girl Thing - Don't Look Down

  4. 4

    Girl Thing - From All of Us

  5. 5

    Girl Thing - Girls On Top

  6. 6

    Girl Thing - If That's What It Takes

  7. 7

    Girl Thing - Last Goodbye

  8. 8

    Girl Thing - Last One Standing

  9. 9

    Girl Thing - Pure and Simple

  10. 10

    Girl Thing - Shhh

  11. 11

    Girl Thing - Sometimes You Hit, Sometimes You Miss

  12. 12

    Girl Thing - Wake Up

  13. 13

    Girl Thing - We've Come To Mambo

  14. 14

    Girl Thing - You Can Run But You Can't Hide

  15. 15

    Girl Thing - Young, Free And Happy

Wake Up

Girl Thing

You think you're it
Yeah, you think your something kinda cool
Well, I've got news for you
You can't play me for a fool
You think you can cut it
But you haven't got a clue, what to do
I'm telling you, I'm telling you
You think your it
But you gotta shape up
That's the way you should be
Boy, you got no flies on me, you'll see
Now the clock starts ticking
So I gotta give you the flicking
Get outta my face without a trace
Just read my lips and wake up

Wake up
It's time to give your life a little shake up
Step back in line
You'd better shape up if you're gonna be seen
Walking in the same room next to me
You'd better wake up if you wanna be mine
And stay in my heart for the rest of your life
You'd better wake up, shape up now
If you want to be mine

You think you're it
Yeah, you think that babe, you've really got it
Well, take a hint
I ain't gonna live out your pocket
'Cuz baby I am me
And sugar, you are you
There ain't no us or we
From now on we'll be one not teo
Don't wanna know
You've gotta go
Just change your ways
These lying days are over
Times changing
Girls don't need no jealous man
To try to control her
You keep on talking
I ain't listening
Til you change the record
Get out of my way
Don't want to play
Just wake up


Wake up and you will see
That you are pushing me
Wake up and you will find
We'll leave the past behind
Wake up

I don't like playing your games
So go and buy your own Nintendo
I thought you were true and real
And that we had a special deal
But now you know how it feels
To be the one that's left over
Better get used to it, 'cuz your screen says game over

Chorus Fade

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