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    Girl Thing - Sister Love

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    Girl Thing - Girl Thing

  3. 3

    Girl Thing - Last Goodbye

  4. 4

    Girl Thing - Don't Look Down

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    Girl Thing - From All of Us

  6. 6

    Girl Thing - Girls On Top

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    Girl Thing - If That's What It Takes

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    Girl Thing - Last One Standing

  9. 9

    Girl Thing - Pure and Simple

  10. 10

    Girl Thing - Shhh

  11. 11

    Girl Thing - Sometimes You Hit, Sometimes You Miss

  12. 12

    Girl Thing - Wake Up

  13. 13

    Girl Thing - We've Come To Mambo

  14. 14

    Girl Thing - You Can Run But You Can't Hide

  15. 15

    Girl Thing - Young, Free And Happy

Pure and Simple

Girl Thing

Wherever you go
Whatever you do
It's pure and simple
I'll be there for you

You've been saying that I'm driving you crazy
And I haven't been around for you lately
But I've had a few things on my mind
When I'm with you I am filled with emotion
Can't you see that I'm giving you devotion And a love like this is hard to find

I know I've been walking around in a daze
You've gotta believe me when I say

Wherever you go (I'll always be there)
Whatever you do (I know I'm gonna be there)
It's pure and simple(yeah, yeah)
I'll be there for you (Pure and simple, gonna be there)
Whatever it takes (I'll always be there)
I swear it's true (You know I'm gonna be there)
It's pure and simple (yeah, yeah)
I'll be there for you (Pure and simple, gonna be there)

I've been there through the stormiest weather
Always trying to make things a bit better
And I know I've gotta try and get through to you
You can love me in a way like no other
But the situation's taking you under
So you need to tell me now what you wanna do

Bridge & Chorus

I'll always be there for you baby
You know I'll always be around
(I'm gonna be there, you know I'm always gonna be there)
I'll always be there for you honey
You know that I'll never let you down
'Cuz you're the only one for me

Chorus Fade

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