Make For This City


Stand at the curbside
And watch the world go by
In this town
No one looks you in the eye
Where is the place not driven on by time
Where's the city of dreams
A city made of light
Where people laugh more than cry
Leave their doors open
Fall in love every day
Brave hearts get broken

This city aims to love
Regardless of the bruise
We love and marry
Any sex or race we choose

On the underground
We all look so worn down
On the circle line
Forever going round

We love our children
Not school down
Open minds
We learn that happiness is the aim of life

Make for this city
Within our minds
Make for this city of light
Within our minds

Where's the connection to the heart of living
Where's the connection to life
The life we are living is unforgiving
Less like a flower than a knife

Where's the connection to heart living
Where's the flower of life
We aren't defined by our work
And what we own
If you can find your way here
You've made it home

We love and marry
Any sex or race we choose
There's no one here
Who uses their gods to exclude

Make for this city
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