God Only Knows


You may say I am cynical, but I say man is flawed
He has a vague memory of before some fall
Behaving like a reptile, but talks of walking tall
If god is in his image, the almighty must be small

God only knows

Swaggart has been caught with his trousers round his knees
After damning me and you to hell for eternity
Sex and power and money is the prayer of these priests
They bribe their way past heaven's gates and steal a set of keys

God only knows

My guru has been sleeping with adepts and with sheep
While I was fucking celibate, self-righteous in belief
Yesterday he was god, now he is a creep
We fell upon each other starving for belief

God only knows

I speak in the name of god
I speak in the name of that
white haired old man in the clouds
Always a man
Dispensing lightening justice from his fingertips
Watching you every second of the day
Just waiting for you to fuck up
I speak in the name of God
I'm his intermediary
I'm a Mollah, I'm a Priest, I'm a Vicar
If you want to go to God
You have to come through me

Is heaven full, oh lord, of these babbling preachers and
God-fearing biggots
All these sef-rightious, self-appointed prophets
because if so:-
I know where I'd rather be
Away from this cacophony
Away from this cacophony
God only knows
God only knows
God only knows
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