Watering Hole


Nobody knows
Nobody knows, angel
Your heart is here
Your heart hurts here
When you want to move
When you get your feeling
I've said nothing you will want to see
It's all this spinning
Oh don't you incite me
Oh don't you explain
There is no meaning here
Just a tension forgetting
You've got infinite patience
and the scent of the sea
Love these days when I'm near you
Watering hole... watering hole
Why did you lie
did you lie to me
Why did you say
those thing you didn't mean
my heart hurts here
what a wonderful feeling
I'd had nothing but rain
We just made a decision
It's pain.. it's pain, it's pain
I've got nothing to hold you
got no chest to contain
your cave full of treasures
Watering hole.. watering hole
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