Ten Below


So I'm on my own
Far from my broken home
And it costs
Feels like ten below
Pack me off to school
Innocence and trust are all lost
Where did my childhood go?

Calling from the pay phone
Trying not to cry
Feeling I am dying
Telling you I'm fine
You tell me it's the making of me
That's a fucking lie
When's the holidays? Holidays. Holiday

I'm at the bottom of my bed
Headphones on my head
John Peel show
Feels like ten below

The sky's a dull gun metal
Where did the sun go
And it rains, and rains
Feels like ten below

Turning on the weaker ones when we were bored
I used to have feelings but all I feel's a hole is where the heart is
And the organ praise the lord
When's the holidays? Holidays. Holidays

He's at war
He's at war
With himself
At the world
He's at war
He will strike first to anticipate
He's at war
Doesn't know how to relate
Feels like a cold war spy
If he's caught
Take the easy way ou
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