Oh no,no
u were playin games on me
now we will never be
why u go and do that
u know it didn't work


u thought I was in the dark
no,no,never me
Baby boy from the start
u was trippin
I was askin questions to see if u was creepin
for no reason at all
I am accusin u of cheatin, no matter what ur sayin
so irritatin, so baby stop playin

dog,tryin to run game on me
ur a dog, thinkin u could cheat on me
ur a dog, boy u know u lost my trust
and i know its obvious* *2

I heard u say u was gon push up on her
I play along boy u think Im stupid
Im on point yo i dont mis a damn thang
Im fed up but Jhene aint fallin,
think i dont know but she is my dog yeah
i got my friend on you tellin her to call
u got caught now i know that ur a dog

* *2

(Lil' Fizz)
Im a d-o-g
from the t-u-g
its hard tryin to be F-i double Z
Im the Jay-Z of my generation
so sick Im every hospitals #1 patiant
girls be killin me with they fantasies
when all i really wanted was the g-t-d's
2 minutes of conversation and ur outta control
Im a D-O-G
aint no changin me
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