So Precious


Lately you've been steeping out
On a game now
Bout to lose another good thing
I'm bona fide, you can't deny
You know what you got what
See that Benz you copped
You know I'm just as hot
This little shorty made just for you
Cause this little shorty needs love too

So Precious with them diamonds around your neck
So precious so, don't let met go
Ya cash flow or anything that you respect
So precious so, don't let me go
There's no limit to this jew so don't forget
I'm the seventh digit on your paycheck
I'm So precious, So Precious, precious

You know you want me, you know you feel me
Don't front now
Let me be the first t let
That you ever cried
Pamper me with love the way
You treat the car you drive
Respect the love, we had, we shared


I'm not like them chicks that you had before
Im tired but a billion more
I know cash rules everything around you
So let me give you the world and be your precious boo

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