If I'm your reflection,
Then baby, you must be an angel
'Cause when the light
Hits you just right
One could mistake you for a star
That is exactly what you are
Better to consider
All of the good things
A glimpse in the mirror,
To make sure you are still there

But then the night takes over
And you are nowhere to be found
Your face in broken pieces
Don't you look down
Don't you look down
Ashamed I couldn't see this
Coming around

You're my reflection,
So tell me why can't you be more clear,
What's up with all these tears?
Can't be regretting, all that you've done,
And haven't done, that shit don't matter here
What's up with all your fears?
You better consider,
All of the good times
A glimpse from the mirror,
To tell me you're just fine, alright

But then the night takes over,
And there is no one else around
Your face in broken pieces,
Don't you look down
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