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No L.O.V.E. (Remix) Feat Chantel


All my ladies bop yo heads (ohh)
Come on and bop yo heads (ohh)
let me see u bop yo heads (come on, come on)
Bop you heads (ohh, yo, uh)

Who in da world is this?
Callin' me at 2:26 in the mornin'
Crack of dawn and got me yawnin'
Why you tyin' up my lines?
Sayin' you apologize for all the lies you told me (lies)
Said you was chillen with the homies (lies)
You were chasin' all the shorties( dats right)
Now you clamin' you adore me (u gets no)

U gets N-O L-O-V-E from me
Can't keep tellin' yo lies
No more K-I-S-S-I-N-G me
Baby outta sight outta mind

Who in da world is this
Ringin' my bell
10:46, yo it's late as hell
U got roses in ya arm and a teddy bear
Tryin' to use your thuggish charm
But I just don't care
U say "Don't be (ohh) don't be trippin" (lies)
But baby ya game is slippen (dats Right)
U just a child and i'm big pimpin'
I'm so over you


(Thank U) for leaving me
I can finnaly get on my feet
(Thank U) for hitting tha door
Now there's no more "What's mines is yours"
Get outta my face now
Stay back there now
U need to sit on some days now
Who's gonna freeze now(who's gonna freeze now)
U can lie now
I don't cry now
say bye bye now
say bye bye now


Yo niggas all in my face
tryin 2 be sweet
always cheatin
beatin da stick
all ya gotta know Tell don't play
so get O-U-T
and you gets No L.O.V.E.


U wanna wanna be a playa playa go play
U wanna wanna be a balla balla go ball
U don't eva eva have to worry bout me
Baby you and me ain't gotta cain't kick it no more {repeat 2x}

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