Christmas In Iraq

John Cena

Yo, this is John Cena man, you can't see me.
I stand up and represent for 142D.
Forget it yo, look who we got at the picnic table.
We gto bombshells like Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie and Sable.
Yo, I'll fricking break your jaw.
Make you tap out like the crippler Chris Benoit.
I'm all over the streets like your favourite sneaker.
You ever noticed how Shelton Benjamin looks just like Shaniqua.
Oh yeah that's right, I'm hittin ya like a freight train.
Break ya frickin leg like the Hass of Pain.

Oh yeah you can't see how I flow.
Got a horn on my head like my man Rhyno.
Yeah man, you can't see me, step to me.
I'll lave you assed out like Rikishi.
Step to me boy cause we don't play.
Drink beer and kick ass like the APA.
Yeah that's right, I'm all swell.
You got no chance in hell.
Just like Vince Mcmahon.
Step to John Cena, I'm a man with a plan.
I'm quick on the mic just like a machine gunner.
Here's a finger, Merry Christmas, with a boot and a stunner.
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