Freestyle vs. Christian @ Royal Rumble (1/30/05)

John Cena

My name is Christian, the king of crunk.
I'm taking you to school Cena, and your gonna flunk.
I'm Captain Charisma, read them in weeps.
I'm gonna throw you out for all my peeps.
And just like Dracula, comes from Transylvania.
I'm winning the Rumble, and going on to WrestleMania.

[John Cena]
Captain Charisma. Walking around with your fake smile.
Think you can rap just because you watched 8 Mile.
Word on the street is that your peeps are weak.
And you and Blackbeard share a bedroom sleep.
Yo, this is the Chain Gang, we run the showdown.
Tonight's like your sex life, your ass is gonna go down.
I go to the ring when my name is called.
You can pick my number, you like playing with balls.
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