Freestyle @ Smackdown (07/24)

John Cena

[Interrupting Stephanie McMahon]
Yo yo yo yo yo yo
Hey, I'm sorry to interrupt you Steph
I had this dream about you last night
You had me standing at attention
I can't wait to see you catfight
[distracted by breasts - Stephanie corrects his gaze]
Oh, sorry, I lost my concentration
I was looking at your...targets?
And at Vengeance
hopefully I find out if the curtain match the carpet
No, I mean, I be glued to the boob tube
No, you gonna squash Sable completely
You're making each one of my five girlfriends jealous [hand]
each one of them wants to beat me [fist]
You and Sable fighting?
That's good for my health
Something about you
makes me keep in touch with my...self
Hey, hey, no that's okay, okay. Here's $20,
please rip Sable's top off
I got this fetish with nipples
I'll definitely get my rocks off
And Sable's just a ho
You're a Diva with class
Nobody's watching us, Steph
why don't you let me smack that ass.
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