Freestyle @ Raw (06/06/05)

John Cena

That's how you roll? Like you got your routine mastered.
I'm gonna put you in your place, you Creepy Little Bastard. Christian used to come to the ring up through the fire.
Wearing the Seinfeld shirt, thinking you were a vampire.
You couldn't cut it with the Brood.
They even put you on the shelf.
Gangrel was suckin blood. You were sucking something else.
There ain't no way you can walk a mile in my shoes.
You went from swallowing blood to blowing people's kazoos.
Now you say you got these peeps that would follow your vision.
Well, if you're a fan of Christian, I'm gonna change your religion.
Listen, I'm gonna level with you, homey.
It's not that you're not on my level.
You're not on the level below me.
So keep talking, cause I'm gonna lay your ass down.
This is the Highlight Reel, so you must be the ass clowns.
You the clown with charisma. Who are you? The fight starter?
Only problem you solving is being Christian's life partner.
And according to you, Marky Mark I might be.
But I will beat both your asses if you fight me.
The champ is here, so you better pray to God you switch shows.
But before you do. For old time, here's a five second pose.
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