Donkey Dick

Judge Dread

Well, down at the seaside, out upon the sand,
Is a man who lives a life, which really is quite grand.
He doesn’t make much money; in fact he is quite poor,
He’s Donkey Dick, the donkey man, of the seashore.

All the girls in their bikinis, when they’re getting a nice tan,
Always keep a look out, for their favourite donkey man.
And when they see him coming, they all run up to him quick,
Shouting: “Let’s have a ride, on your donkey, dick!”.

Oh donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey, Donkey Dick,
If you ask him nicely, he will give you a quick lick.
Donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey dick,
All the girls like to have a ride on Donkey Dick.

When the winter comes around, he moves into the town,
Where his fame has spread, for miles and miles around.
And he shows the city girls his funny little trick,
That he does, with his donkey, donkey dick.

Well now that summer’s come around, and weather’s getting warm,
I’ve been out and brought a little donkey of my own.
It’s four feet high, and really, really, slick,
And twice as fat, as your donkey, donkey dick.
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