Je T'aime

Judge Dread

Hello, what's your name?
Not Judge Dread?
Yes, that's right
Oh, I've always wanted to meet you
Oh really, why?
Oh, I'm a really big fan of yours
That's very nice of you to say that
Is It true?
Is what true?
What they say about big nine
Well, I think you'd better have a look for yourself
Oh, it's true, it's true! Come on Dread, get 'em off
No, what do you take me for!
Come on, don't be shy

Now doesn't that feel better?
Oh yes, those bloody boots were killing me!
Here, look at this
Oh my god, I don't believe it!
Oh come on, touch it
You must be bloody jokin', you're not even a proper woman! You're a geezer dressed up! Youre one of those Trans... What do they call 'em... Transvestites!
Oh come on dear, this is 1975
Oh I don't know, every time I come out, every bloody time, it always ends up in sillys!
Come home and give me love please
"I'll tell you what, I'll give you bloody love! I'll give you the rough end of a pinapple! Go on, fuck off!
Nasty man you
Take your soddy handbag with you!
And I'm not going to buy anymore of your records! Fuck off!
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