The Six Wives Of Dread

Judge Dread

The first wife was an eskimo
We roud at the nearest trifle
One day while fishing on the ice
She kicked me in the ice-hole
Brr it's cold (x10)

My second was a french bird
Who came from near the Ryne
A nifty little number
I think it was, 69!
Swash-meer (x10)

My third a british stable girl
Oh how this one did hum
And when I told her of it
She said "Your nose is too near your bum"
Tity-Bum (x10)

The fourth a little indian girl
Who turned on at the slightest touch
She liked the whole Kama Sutra
But the lot, twice a night, too much
Upside down, round and round (x5)

The fifth a little cantish girl
Who came from the isle of grain
She only liked it now and again
And again, and again, and again!
Oh my god (x10)

I'm now onto my sixth wife
And I started my life anew
I'm OK but I think that
She's bitten off more than she can chew
Bit it off (x10)

[Judge Dread]: "Oh I wonder if Henry had the same trouble as this. He had a half dozen wives. Mind you could send them to town and have their heads cut off. Much better that having it bitten off! I don't know, every time I come out, every bloody time, I always end up getting married!"
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