Good Old Clyde

Mc Frontalot

mc frontalot stole a beat today [help thief]
you can take another look or you can look the other way
but to ignore this crime is a crime in itself
I'm unarmed but a shelf of jb lp's is a wealth
to any rapper worth a salt-lick
me what you get once you dry out the baltic
[who? what?] didn't you hear
bout the beat that you already got all up in your ear

[who's there?] my man clyde stubblefield
[what's that?] the sound of the funky drummer

mc frontalot, will take a well known beat and loop it
front like I wrote it, as if you were stupid
you look at me crooked but I be hard to blame
when I claim that I ain't even ever heard the same
the same beat, the same drama
[I recall] chuck d getting irritated at madonna
while we're already in trouble we'll
wring another single outta old clyde stubblefield

radio: sucka's never seem to play me
I think because I used to be a man other than me
[how could that be?] when the lyrics are furious
you hurry just to find the beat, I meet curious
mc's: yo, where'd you get the drum from?
I pummel'em on the advice of ll's mum
[let me ride] throw the beat in the trunk, let the rubber peel
stretch tracks on the grave of clyde stubblefield
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