Front The Most

Mc Frontalot

Mc frontalot is not installed
So don't call 800-front4all
Off the ball of wax, to rock the rough tracks
Thumbtacks all up in the mix so relax
I hacks a beat together like a slasher rampage
Mc frontalot is inundated by the rhythm arrays
Some days i brag some days i boast
24/7 i front the most

You wouldn't think that i would front
Most days do nothing but
Sit around dropping the lyrics into the drum cuts
Buts, ands, ors, i hear naysay
Don't play! mc front'll get offended, go away
Hey now, there's no need to be real
Honk honking on the sample like a trained m-seal
We all seek a second steppin from the post
24/7 i front, i front the most

What am i, wrecking every break beat?
That could take eight weeks
Only ever stop frontin to smoke bowls, take leaks,
And sleep, i catch cat naps
Sit in front the mic so much that my ass chaps
Gaps in the tape, i was frontin in the other room
Boogalooin' well i wasn't though i wanted to'n
I'm gonna rock the mic day and night
Until i give up the ghost
24/7 i front the most

"can you teach me to freestyle?"
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