Fresh Dog

Mc Frontalot

I got a little dog the doggy's name is doggy fresh
And out of every single dog i've ever met, he's the best
And the rest of the dogs in the world, i wouldn't own 'em
Yo my moms tried to clone him -- i got sewn in
His skin a little microchip
So he could be a cyborg -- wanna get him equipped
With a gps and the 802.11b
So he could hit me up on irc when he gotta go out and pee
And not just stand by the door and whine
Wish he'd grow an opposable thumb sometimes
Yo but i don't mind it gets me out and about
It's good to walk around the block, remind the dog he ain't allowed
To eat no street chicken, and chase no squirrels
Just to keep on kicking with a tail that curls
Just to keep on fancy stepping with the ears that flop
Just to rock, yes, doggy fresh you don't stop

(who's a good boy? who's a good boy?)

I got a little dog the doggy's name is doggy fresh
And he be crazy charismatic like david koresh
You can try to stay pissed about the fur on your clothes
But look out you 'bout to giggle when he lick on your nose
Call and he shows up fast, he throws up grass,
If you got a nice carpet he be dragging his ass
And he don't like baths, and he barks at intruders,
He be begging where the food is like his owner was the cruelest
Non-dog-food-purchasing dog owner ever
He occasionally ekes out a treat through this endeavor
But you got to forgive him with his big brown eyes
You got to go on to admit my dog's incredibly fly
He 'bout as fierce as a wolf, 'bout as big as a fox
If he drops one beat i'ma knock 'em out the box
Yo your cat's name may be maceo
But my dog is doggy fresh and doggy fresh is good to go!
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