Another Day

Natalie Grant

Been driving through the night
I pull up and see the lights
This is the place that i call home
I watch you as you sleep
Think of all you mean to me
Touch your face softly
Before i go to sleep i pray under the stars
Search my soul and check my heart
And thank god for

Another day
Another chance to love the ones i love
To find my way
To laugh, to dance
Wathc the sun come up
Another day ig et ot live
As if
Every breath could be the last i take
I get another day

I've got a hand that i can hold
Someone who knows my soul
A safe place to lay my head at night
So why do i forget
How much i've been blessed in life
Forget what means the most to me
As i'm waking up again i feel my beating heart
So grateful that i've come this far
And thank god for


To make somebody smile
Go the extra mile
Take a wrong and make it right
And try to touch somebody's life
I get another day
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