One Child

Natalie Grant

The seed, it grows and somehow becomes a life
It moves, she knows that her baby has arrived she's so scared, but she's so blessed
She lays down her fear for the hope at her breast for she knows

One million chains could never hold back this moment in time
One thousand dreams could never dream what this moment truly means
Heaven and earth, they cradle the infinite joy born on this night
For it only takes one child to forever change the world

He stands beside her, he'd share her pain if he only knew how
He whispers 'i love you' as he gently strokes her brow
He's so scared, but he's so blessed
There's a thundering pride pounding deep in his chest
For he knows


Christ is born, we are blessed
Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess
That we know


This baby cries
And for the first time the world hears the voice of god weep
Mary sings a lullaby
As the hope of the nations gently falls asleep
She knows this is the one child
To forever change the world.
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