The Way It Is With Love

Natalie Grant

Inside of every heart there is a seed
My mama watered mine and raised me to be
A rose, a rose, or some greater thing
Mama, you 're beautiful to me

Oh my daddy, i want you to know
Your little baby girl became that rose the bloom, the bloom blushed deeper red
With every drop of sacrifice you bled

Chorus :
There's no growing without any pain
There's no flowers without the rain
We are bound together by blood that's flowing through us
And that's the way it is with love

I have a vision, a hope and a dream
I see a hill across a healing stream
Where the rose arose to set us free
And the cross became a family tree


Circle of god comes around
And turns us into special things somehow
And one day we'll hold little flowers of our own
And we'll sacrifice so that they can grow.

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