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Days Like These

Natalie Grant

Rolled out of bed on the right side
Looking up at the big blue sky
Oh yeah-oh yeah
Who i am is what i am
A piece in a part of a bigger plan
Oh yeah-oh yeah

Breathe deep
Taste the moment
Few and far between

Days like these-they don't get any better
Let this be for always and forever
Every minute is so perfectly
Just the way that it was meant to be
Days like these-so graceful that i'm falling
On my knees and thanking god for all the
Little things that make me wanna say
How i wish i had a million days like these

Life is running like a dream
I know i can do anything
Oh yeah-oh yeah
Days like this i could believe
The sun is shining just for me
Oh yeah-oh yeah

Eyes closed
Touch the freedom
Never let it go

Repeat chorus

It's as if i never knew that clouds existed
If there ever was a day to take a chance i'll risk it

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