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Pleasure P

Your love is so good, gonna make good love tonght baby
Your body looking so fineeee... and I know you do it right baby
No questions, no waiting
How long have I been patient?
I'm ready to take you to another level girl

I'm gonna love you 'til I'm done
If you get all 'til you won't
And when you think it's over that's when we can do it again

(Your love) your love...
(So good) good love...
(Deserves an encore) deserves an encore...
(Your love) your love...
(So good) so good yeah...
(Deserves an encore) deserves an encore...

[Verse 2:]
Don't perry out girl (girl)
It' some expensive one's tonight baby
Don't lift a finger girl
You just lay back and recline baby
Your body... so sexy
I know that your ready
I'll taste it if you let me
Sit back and just trust me girl



[Verse 3:]
We had a few close encounters girl
Some kissing, some touching
Let's do it again
I want to know all about ya
Your likes, your wants
I' infatuated with your loveeee...
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