Change Positions

Pleasure P

Lemme start off with i love you,
Girl you know i truely do,
I felt like this for such a long time,

And now for nothing girl i'm with it,
The problem is i've seen it,
Gotta couple different things on my mind, yea

And it's about to get hot,
I can see by what you got on,
That you enticing your boy to get up in it,

And there's nobody else,
And i don't kiss and tell,
I just wanna change the scenery,

Girl i wanna,
Flip it and bounce it,
Turn you around and,
Hit it from the back just to see how you react,
I want it,
Fast and slow,
Change the way you moan
But you be on that missionary,
You don't never wanna let me,
Change positions
Change positions
You just wanna see me from the front
I know that's what you want
So can we, can we
Change positions

Now i'm not saying it ain't good
It's excellent, but
Take a second if you would
Let me exit
And turn you around
So i can listen to the sound
Of your voice against the wall
Bouncing back at me

And this was our first thing,
Now on to the next thing,
Gotta book of ideas in my head,
For this bed of ours

And when it's all over,
Girl i'll be your soldier,
Standing at attention for you


Now i know you ain't used to all this,
You're a work of beauty,
I'm the artist,
I wanna hold you,
Mold your body right,
Wait until tonight cause girl,


Change positions,
Change positions,
You just wanna see me from the front,
I know that's what you want,
So can we, can we,
Change positions.

Feels so good it make me wanna cry, ooh baby...
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