Baby Its Over

Pleasure P


Don`t wait up for my call no more
Don`t expect me to walk through that door
Cause i`m not gonna call no more
So i hope your in love with that nigga
Cause baby its over, over (3x)

Verse 1:

Ain`t no use in tellin` lies
I already seen his car pullin` out of you driveway
And i won` struggle with your vices doin` 175 speedin out on the highway
And i can`t hate on a player, yes the game got ran on me
I guess it`s like elevators, sooner or later your coming down�(chorus)verse 2:

You can keep your alibis, just from lookin in your eyes i know what u been doin`
And i might say i`m surprised but i got to much pride to be here going through it
Trippin` over bullshit never got me know where (it) never got me no where, but no where running in places
And i won`t be immature by acting like i don`t care
But umma lick my wounds and just move on so�(chorus)you want my trust time in time again
I got the last (oh) i got the last laugh, laugh in the end (oh)(chorus)
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