Shone (feat. Flo Rida)

Pleasure P

[Flo RIDA]
You can be my shone [x12]


[Flo Rida]
Ok lil mama I know your kind and I like 'em grown
Do this do that never hold back I think I'm ready come on
Sh-shorty I see you throwing that body, it's what I want
I gotta be in the zone let's start off sippin Patrone
However, whenever, whatever this here what I'm all about
Spit cheddar to whoever get better put on I'm a give you this crown
Forever and ever on schedule, yea baby I'm a take it to the top
I'm a take you to the spot
I'm a show you what I got
But you gotta make it drop,
Keep it poppin, never stop- hey
Action, no problem I really got dollars
So baby get straight to the business
Poppin them collars a ho if I holla I'm lookin for shorties with thickness
I be your personal fitness
Girl I'm a get you addicted
So could it be mine, would you be mine, want you be mine,
can you be mine

[Chorus Pleasure P]
Can you be my action
Cause from the way that you're dancin I know you got it goin on tonight
Baby you can be my action
And I turn on the lights and cameras as soon as
I can get you home tonight
Can you be my action
Heyyy (You can be my shone, you can be my shone)
You can be my, you can be my - we shonin'
Baby you can be my action
You can be my - whoaaa

[Flo Rida]
You can be my action
Penny size attraction
I really got a fetish she bowlegged that's my attraction
Set it off there baby with the blackberry that's my collection
Wanna do on everything that sexiness is my passion
Whatever you like, we turn off the lights go ahead show me
you're back strong
The end of the night they keepin me right got stacks to blow
like a saxophone
Do ya thang mama keep killing 'em
Dead presidents I'm peelin them
For the record ya know contestin so shorty keep grillin 'em
All the way all day don't play get to the point raise the temperature
So hot, celebrate gala lips wanna give you this cake let's get physical
Baddest in the club do that baby ooh too much
Test my luck let me touch be direct and let me come

[Chorus Pleasure P]

[Pleasure P:]
I live in Hollywood but I still be in the 'jects
Shawties wanna holla when they see what's on my neck
My money very long and I ain't gotta make it stretch
And when I say shone I be talkin bout sex
Say little mama you know I'm a make you holla
Walk in the club and we gon toss a couple dollas
Pop a few bottles make the hatas wanna follow
Ain't nothin wrong you grown, so baby can you be my

[Chorus Pleasure P]
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