Boys & Bugs


I like boys that like to smile
Laugh at themselves once in a while
That can sit and talk for hours
Then in the morning pick me flowers
Boys that like to be very clean
That are never ever mean
And can tell a witty joke
Boys that do not like to smoke

One day I'll find you, one day I'll find you (X2)

I like boys that aren't afraid of bugs
That will always give me big warm hugs
Like to sing and play guitar
That are happy being who they are
Boys that like to be outside
And that aren't full of pride
Boys that have an honest passion
With at least a slight hint of fashion

I like boys that are funny and artistic
That are mostly optimistic
Boys that are not very lazy A little weird but not too crazy Boys that aren't afraid to cry
And will always give a second try
And will try to do their best
I want a boy not like the rest
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