Would You


I’ve been looking for a confirmation, I’ve been searching for a way to leave this time
Cause I hear (cause I hear) the grass is greener on the other side
I’ve been looking for a constellation to give me some direction, showing me a sign
But lately (but lately) baby, leaving has been on my mind

I like the way you see me
And make my bad days easy
No one likes your singing
But I do

I want dinner made for two and you to make a move
But you never do
Hold my hand in front of your friends, it’s not a lot to ask
And I shouldn’t have to
Oh darling, if you knew what to do, would you

You’ve been down on love, talking bout your situation
You’ve been out of touch and almost out of time
Cause I doubt (cause I doubt) we are gonna make the finish line

I like the way you don’t do
Things the way that most do
Except for when I need you
And you don’t come through
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